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Trendy Ways to Design Your Outdoor Space in 2023

Not every day is a vacation, but it can feel like one when you have the patio space of your dreams. When you can’t be lounging on a tropical island, make your home your resort, and enjoy every day in the safest, most comfortable space. With these 2023 design trend ideas, you can transform your backyard and create your dream retreat outdoor space.

A Backyard Getaway 

For outdoor relaxation, summer BBQs, and spending time with loved ones, an outdoor kitchen can add a little bit of luxury to your home. It also provides convenience if you are entertaining guests since you won’t have to go back and forth between your indoor kitchen and your outdoor space.

Features you could put in your outdoor kitchen include:

Wood-fire oven. You may want your outdoor kitchen to have a traditional grill, but to take your outdoor cooking up a notch, you might want to also add wood-fire pizza oven. Give your meals the taste of your favorite Italian restaurant. Perfect for entertaining guests as well as a special family dinner night.

A bit of color. Your outdoor space is your paradise, and what says paradise more than a burst of color? Bright colors can boost your mood and set a certain ambiance. Add bursts of color with decor, lighting, and even naturally with professional landscapes. Intentional use of color can create a calm, exciting, or chic atmosphere.

Sustainability at Home

The demand for sustainable at-home options is on the rise. From garden beds flourishing with bee-friendly wildflowers to vegetable gardens growing healthy foods for the whole family. By harvesting veggies in your own backyard, you can skip the grocery store plastics and consumption of unknown pesticides creating a more environmentally friendly home.

Enhance the aesthetic of your garden with boulder walls and accents. These are perfect eco-friendly alternatives to your typical retaining wall. You can personalize your style and design the perfect landscape for you. Whether your landscape is home to a passion project, a place to nourish a healthier family, or a way to sustainably reuse rainwater there are several benefits to making your land sustainable.

Light up the Night

What’s a vacation without mood lighting? The right lighting sets the tone, makes people feel comfortable, and promotes relaxation. Gone are the days of intense brass and silver finishes, and in are the days of subtle lighting elements. In addition to adding your own personal lighting design touches, consider the warm natural light of an outdoor fire feature

One simple addition of a fireplace or fire pit can transform your outdoor area into a peaceful retreat any time of year. 

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