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Not All Backyards Are Flat

Utilizing the beauty of the natural world is one of the biggest parts of landscape design, and when it comes to rocks and boulders, these fixtures make gorgeous accent pieces for your property design. Completely customizable and budget-friendly, boulders are perfect for creating a design on a budget. From using them as borders along your pavement and sidewalks to incorporating them into your retainer walls, boulders and large stone wall fixtures can provide a visually appealing natural addition to any design plan. They provide organic, rustic shapes that can increase the aesthetic value of your property.

From a design standpoint, different kinds of boulder and stone walls can suit different designs, helping create a natural but design-friendly addition to your property. For example, smoother, more rounded river stones used in a border wall could be applied to any look, while rougher, brown and tan stones can be the perfect edition to a Tuscan themed landscape design.

In addition to standalone rock and boulder fixtures, using the rocks with other elements like ponds or waterfalls can create interesting centerpieces around your garden. The type of stone, as well as the placement and cut of each boulder can be used to convey a certain aesthetic style while opting for a more natural, organic look.

Boulder Walls Provide a Sturdy Addition to Your Outdoor Area

The function of a boulder wall is to act like a retainer wall, but unlike retainer walls, the stones are not organized or ornately designed and carved. Instead, the natural edges of the boulders compounding on top of each other create a strong wall that is relatively cheaper than a decorative retainer wall. Similar to a jetty, the overlapping rocks in a boulder wall create a strong border that helps hold back soil from sliding out of position. Plus, the gaps in the boulders allow for a natural drainage of rainwater and fluid buildup, helping create a natural flow of water throughout your property.

Boulder walls and accents create a unique, eco-friendly alternative to a traditional retaining wall or artificial accent pieces. With hundreds of different styles and design patterns to use, the ways to incorporate boulder walls and boulder accents in your landscape design are limitless. As a bonus, boulders and larger rocks are better suited for long-term exposure to the elements. This means they don’t have to be replaced as often as other design elements made of wood or pieces that are painted and fade with sun exposure.