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A Comfortable Place to Relax

Outdoor seating options can be somewhat complex to create, but incorporating these elements into your design can be a perfect utilization of your space. Seating walls are types of landscaping fixtures that can be used as both a bench and a retainer wall, helping add a wall around your patios and seating areas. Between entertaining guests to utilizing your backyard space, creating a seating wall is a guaranteed way to enhance your property and maximize the use of your design beyond pure aesthetic value.

Seating walls, when used as a form of seating, are typically overflow seating or extra seats that surround another design fixture. Most often used to encircle a fire pit, seating walls create another place for people to sit, giving you the space to host larger groups. For patios, a seating wall could take the place of a table and chairs or a bench by providing roomier, more flexible seating for guests. On the same token, seating walls can create a smaller, more secluded area of your design that feels separate yet included in the overall space. This area would be perfect for smaller group conversations during larger events.

Why a Seating Wall Could Be the Perfect Addition to Your Outdoor Space

Sometimes, a design plan can get slightly crowded with too many elements. If your design plan incorporates a patio, a fireplace, and an outdoor kitchen, adding in seating may be a challenge. However, a simple seating wall around these elements can create space-friendly seating that works within your design. If you do include wood-burning ovens or fireplaces in your patio layout, adding in a bench or firewood storage section to your seating wall can be helpful for saving space and maximizing storage. The multi-functionality of seating walls is great for anyone looking to make the most out of their outdoor area while creating an aesthetically pleasing seating option in their landscape design.

Between multi-functionality and aesthetics, seating walls are the perfect addition to any landscape design plan. Instead of bringing out old, dilapidated folding chairs, a seating wall can provide numerous amounts of seating without the hassle. Plus, because most seating walls are made of stone, the likelihood of them breaking and needing to be replaced is drastically reduced when compared to other forms of outdoor seating. Whether you choose to use a seating wall around a patio or a fire pit, these simple additions to your landscape design are some of the most efficient options to maximize the use of your backyard while maintaining your chosen style.