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One of the benefits of having an outdoor living space is the fresh air and sunshine; however, on hot summer days, having a source of shade is crucial for enjoying your outdoor space. Creating an area of your yard with guaranteed shade and cover from the sun or the rain makes your space more useable and comfortable. Pavilions and pergolas can provide this cover while blending in seamlessly with your aesthetic design choices and landscape attributes. The inclusion of these elements is sure to help you create a space that’s usable in all kinds of weather.

Pavilions, depending on your design style and backyard size, can range in shape and size to fit your design perfectly. For bigger yards, or for those looking to create a covered porch area, a standard pavilion consisting of a roof and support beams can be incorporated and customized into any shape and style.

Customize the Look of Your Pavilion or Pergola to Suit Your Space

If you have a smaller yard or are in the market for something more ornate and stylized, more intricate roof designs can be used to achieve a certain aesthetic and bring a cohesive design style to the rest of the pavilion’s structure. From gazebo-style pavilions to traditional, rectangular structures, pavilions are the perfect way to help you enjoy the outdoors comfortably — and often.

Similar to a pavilion, a pergola is a free-standing structure that consists of an overhead roof and legs. Instead of having a closed roof, though, a pergola is constructed of open slats, allowing you to soak up some rays without being in direct sunlight. Depending on your chosen design choice, a pergola can be the perfect accent for your landscape design plan. For example, the open space in the roof of a pergola works great for different kinds of vines and climbing plants. When paired with themes that incorporate this kind of foliage, pergolas create a stunning blend of elements that completes your desired aesthetic.

Outdoor structures have the potential to completely change a design plan, and in terms of pavilions and pergolas, these can easily become functional centerpieces for your landscape. For a more classic, American look, a sturdy pavilion with stone masonry bases can be an integral part of your patio. If your garden leans more toward a romantic, Mediterranean feel, a pergola covered in winding flowers and hanging vines could become the sultry centerpiece you need to complete this look. The options for pavilions and pergolas, and their designs, are endless.