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Outdoor Fireplace Features

Outdoor entertaining areas can range in features and scenery, but nothing is cozier than the use of different fire features. If you consider yourself more of an outdoors kind of person, recreating a traditional campfire motif with a fire pit might appeal to you. If you are looking to create a relaxing, outdoor space with the same coziness as your den, installing a fireplace is the way to go. Outdoor fire features are the key to creating a gathering area that can be enjoyed in any season. From making s’mores in the summer to enjoying hot chocolate and other warm drinks in the colder months, outdoor fire features are perfect for any occasion and any holiday, year-round.

Love the feeling of having a fireplace but not the hassle that comes with them? Look no further than an outdoor fireplace! With an outdoor fireplace, you can avoid tricky floor systems and smoke buildup from traditional indoor systems. Plus, with an outdoor fireplace, seasonal and weather conditions that traditionally limit the use of indoor fireplaces are not an issue, allowing you to have a cozy night in any season. As a design element, fireplaces are also a gorgeous addition to your outdoor design. They can be an attractive focal point for your entire backyard layout.

Firepits: A Place for Everyone to Gather

Similar to fireplace designs, the inclusion of a firepit can be a worthwhile investment for your backyard design scheme. Mimicking the warm, cozy feel of a campfire, a firepit is the perfect gathering space in your backyard. Ranging from wood burning to natural gas or propane-fueled, the options for design and fuel supply choice can adapt with your needs.

From an entertaining standpoint, firepits provide the perfect place to start a good conversation with friends and family. Firepits let you designate an area of your yard for you and your guests to sit together and make memories over a gorgeous centerpiece.

Adding a fireplace or firepit to your outdoor living space is a great accent to your overall design plan. Ranging in styles from more rustic, rough stone to sleek, or modern fixtures, the right fire fixture offers the perfect addition to any backyard or patio area. Designing an area of your outdoor space around a fire fixture lets you create a cozy, inviting conversation pit that’s ready for any occasion. From drinks with friends to sleepovers, outside fire features are sure to be a wonderful addition to your next party.