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Upgrade Your Landscape

Starting the design process all begins with an idea as to what you would like to do for your space. Beginning with a consultation, our design team begins to conceptualize and set up a design plan for your property. Depending on your yard size, design tastes, and budget, the perfect design for your property is within reach with the help of our team. For example, if your chosen aesthetic revolves around creating a Tuscan motif, putting together references including foliage, hardscape structures, and key accent pieces can help bring your vision together for the rest of the design process. Once you know what you are going for, reach out and contact our team for help beginning the more intricate parts of the design process.

After a brief design consultation, our team can begin the first step of the design and installation process: measurements. As with any renovation project, taking measurements of the restoration area is crucial for making accurate, sensible plans. Getting a feel for the area, as well as the amount of workable land to incorporate into your design, helps us create a comprehensive and dynamic design plan that considers your vision and your space. From flower beds to patios, the measurement and logistic planning portion of the design process is essential for drafting the layouts of your landscaping elements.

Choosing Your Accents

Once your design foundation is secured by our team, the next part of the process is all about picking and choosing accents. By combining our expert knowledge of landscaping design with your yard’s layout and your chosen aesthetic, our team can create a comprehensive plan of different hardscapes, foliage, and backyard amenities to install in your yard. At this point in the process, your chosen design style is one of the biggest factors leading into our planning. For example, if you want to create a backyard design reminiscent of the French countryside, the use of ornamental plants like wisteria and lavender can help convey that style.

The final part of the design process is installation. Once we evaluate your space, verify your landscaping plans, and choose the perfect design elements to accompany your theme, the installation process can begin. After extensive planning, our expert team of contractors and landscapers can finally make your dream yard a reality. When you work with us at Vibrant Outdoors, we provide top-of-the-line landscape design and installation, creating custom plans