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The Patio – Concrete and Pavers

Give Your Patio an Upgrade

Just as a house is not complete without a floor, your outdoor living space is not complete without a patio. The inclusion of a patio into your design plan is perfect for creating a platform for outside fixtures like an outdoor kitchen, pavilion, fire pit, or fireplace. However, a patio can also serve as a flat surface in between your front entryway and the back of your house. Between relaxing and entertaining to full-scale outdoor dining, utilizing a patio as part of your landscaping design is a major asset in any situation. Just like any design feature, your patio space is completely customizable, helping you create the design plan of your dreams.

Concrete Patio Design

Traditional patio installations typically use one of two materials for installation: concrete or pavers. For concrete patios, a layer of concrete is poured onto a specific plot of land and smoothed out to create a large, level patio area in your backyard. Concrete patios are typically poured in larger slabs to maintain their structural integrity and increase the amount of pressure they can support. For different aesthetic purposes, concrete can have designs pressed into it to mimic stone masonry, breaking up each slab to give it more visual character. In terms of affordability, concrete patios are a more budget friendly option when compared to more intricate, ornately laid out paving stones.

Utilizing Pavers in Your Design

Pavers, on the other hand, are laid-out designs that include different pieces of stone masonry, artfully designed to follow a unique pattern while providing the same structure as a concrete patio. Ranging in design and shape, pavers can be used for any aesthetic style or visual motif, making your options for installation completely customizable. Although a bit more expensive than concrete patios, pavers offer a lot more flexibility in terms of design choice, and they also often tend to fare better in different weather conditions like rain and snow when compared to concrete.

Between concrete and pavers, the options available for your outdoor living space are completely within your control. From creating a small, geometric stone design around your outdoor fireplace to laying out a large, concrete patio for your outdoor kitchen, the addition of a patio area in your backyard can create the perfect platform for your next dinner party or barbecue. Customizing a design to match your chosen aesthetic is one of the biggest parts of the design process, and with the seemingly limitless options for installation, patios are a wonderful addition to your landscape plan.

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