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Five Elements of the Perfect Outdoor Living Room

There’s nothing better than relaxing on your back patio – until the sun starts roasting you, the rain starts pelting you, or the freezing temperatures numb your body. Many people want to build outdoor living spaces to maximize their time spent outdoors and create a relaxing oasis surrounded by nature. However, getting overwhelmed with all the options for designing your outdoor space is easy. Use the following five elements of the perfect outdoor living room to help you draw up the plans for your perfect outdoor sanctuary:

1. Make Sure You Have Coverage

Sitting outside is not very relaxing without the proper shade. Consider adding a pavilion or pergola to your backyard for protection. Perfect for creating both beauty and function, pavilions and pergolas are standing structures with legs and a roof. Choose a pergola for partial coverage and a pavilion for a fully closed roof. You can make it your own by decorating them with fairy lights, flowers vines, or plants. Enjoy the outdoors your way, rain or shine.

2. Temperature Control

As fall and winter approach in Indiana, outdoor enthusiasts are likely more concerned about keeping that heat while still enjoying the outdoors. Did you know you can create that cozy living room feeling in your own backyard? By adding a fire feature, such as an outdoor fireplace, you can comfortably enjoy the best of both worlds. You can also opt to make a fire pit centerpiece and add a warm glow to your outdoor living room. Make it your own with a rustic, modern, or sleek design.

3. Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Imagine entertaining friends and family over an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven. With an outdoor kitchen, you can conveniently bring your love for cooking to your own backyard with a grill, countertops, and a mini fridge. Allowing you to enjoy the company of your loved ones and host at the same time.

4. Be Sure There’s Comfortable but Durable Outdoor Seating

You can use indoor and outdoor furniture if your outdoor living room is covered and protected from the elements. When building a nook to converse and hang out, consider adorning the place with comfy chairs, a large coffee table, and a fire pit. For an entertainment space, you will need ample seating. Seating walls are a perfect aesthetic and practical option. Choose indoor-outdoor fabrics and cushions that are quick-drying, mildew resistant, UV-resistant, and easily washable. Even in winter, the sun can fade fabric colors and cause materials to fray.

5. Make it Your Own

It’s most important that you feel at home. Light up your outdoor living room with string lights, wall-mounted lights, hurricane lamps, or other suitable outdoor lighting. Accessorize your furniture with pillows and blankets to give it life and personality. Choose shrubs, flowers, and trees that will fit your style, whether it’s a beachy, Zen, formal, or forest oasis. Potted and hanging plants also add a natural touch. Increase the wow factor by adding wind chimes, a small waterfall, or fountains to make the atmosphere more pleasant and relaxing.

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