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Customized Landscapes for Commercial Properties

For some properties, the existing layout of the landscape has potential; however, renovations and subtle enhancements are the perfect way to spruce up your property without a total redesign of existing elements. In some instances, existing landscape elements or expenses can be worked into a new design. For example, natural elements like streams and creeks that fall within your property can be incorporated into your landscape aesthetic, providing a natural accent to complement the other features you’d like to have, like plants, rock walls, and more. It may be tempting to tear down and replace existing accents for your property, but sometimes, enhancements and renovations are the logical choice for your landscaping plan.

Existing property features can be a great asset for those looking to create a more sustainable, eco-friendly design that works with the existing landscape. Recycling design elements and plants in a landscaping enhancement plan can help preserve the natural elements of your design that make the space unique while simultaneously creating a fresh, new take on your property. Additionally, by using already-existing plants and features on your property, the planting pattern of your land can be updated without destroying the natural integrity of the landscape. We can also incorporate some new elements as needed to enhance what you already have.

Working With What You Already Have

Renovations, similar to enhancements, are all about finding the right balance of what features to keep and which ones to reshape. The goal of a renovation is to redesign the space without removing any elements — but they can be relocated in the space. For some natural elements, like trees and shrubs, different pruning techniques can be used to redefine the shape of different plants, making them fit back into their original design styles. Some renovation designs might also include shifting and transplanting different plants around your property to make the landscape layout smoother and more aesthetically appealing than before.

Landscape enhancements and renovations are a more budget-friendly design plan that aims at limiting the waste of established landscaping features while simultaneously creating a new design for your property. At Vibrant Outdoors, we aim to create sustainable, easy-to-maintain properties that can withstand the test of time. We understand that some design elements need extra care when it comes to overgrowth, but that does not mean these plants need to be uprooted entirely. Renovating your property and enhancing your existing design elements are valid options for creating a new design out of existing design elements.